Elk, CA

Don’t blink when you drive through the very quaint town of Elk because you might miss it. Seriously.

@2014 Susan EdelBut what’s the saying ~ tiny but mighty ~ and that is exactly true about this town.

What once was a bustling lumber town in the late 1800’s with over 2,000 residents, is now a tiny town left with a rich history and a little under 300 residents…but it’s mighty in charm and character and is perched on one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines.

@2014 Susan Edel

The town now consists of a local grocery store, a full-service garage (with towing)…

a couple churches (yes, more than one), some shops, a few inns…

and stunning, stunning landscape.

Quite honestly, I am really jealous of the residents that get to call this gem home.

So take your time when going through this little town and don’t miss a bit of its richness and beauty.

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