Washington | Seattle: Pike Place Market

There are farmer’s markets and then there is Seattle’s Pike Place Market ~ this is no ordinary farmer’s market! As one of Seattle’s most famous landmarks since 1907, this bustling market offers a plethora of fresh fish, meats, produce, flowers, sweets, quirky merchandise and so much more. From the moment you arrive you’re on sensory overload…the people, the magnitude of choices, and the sumptuous smells draw you in and hold you spellbound.

The market is a true resource for locals and restaurant chefs alike but has also become a huge tourist attraction. So much so, that the market actually offers formal Pike Place Market Tours. One of the main reasons for all this attention is due to the Pike Place Fish Market which been immortalized through media attention and Hollywood for their entertaining fish tossing techniques and antics. Groups of people will crowd around the fish market waiting to see a fish toss, and then continue on their merry way afterwards.

The market is surrounded by rows of independent deli’s, pastry shops, and restaurants offering delicious nibbles. This is also where you will find the original Starbucks coffee shop founded in 1971. It’s worth it to walk by just to see the enormous line of people who want to say they purchased a cup of coffee there….I have to say I don’t get it but it’s fun to see.

Aside from all the food offerings, there are also several floors of independent stores offering vintage and unique merchandise. All I can say, is plan on spending several hours here because you will get sucked into the energy and excitement of this amazing Seattle attraction.

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  1. If I ever get there I will be printing out bits of this blog before I go so I know exactly what I want to see and where to go. This is an amazing idea really love it.

    1. Jenni ~ thank you so much for your comment. This is a new endeavor for me and this is exactly how I was hoping to help people. This encourages me to keep it up.

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