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During my visit to the Big Island, I stayed at the Four Seasons Hualalai (see post here) which was an amazing experience as it is one of the best beach resorts I have ever been to. The resort truly evokes the epitome of “old school” Hawaii. However, what really made the trip a success was experiencing the island and all it has to offer.

So having said that, here is No Ordinary Resort’s Top Ten Must Do’s on the Big Island.

1. Take an Outrigger Canoe Ride.

Nothing screams Hawaii more than an Outrigger Canoe. I was enamored with the unique shape and look of it, and I found it really easy to paddle (with the help of the two men on-board). There is nothing I love nothing more than gliding around the water and enjoying the surrounding wildlife. We took the time to jump off the canoe and snorkel for awhile, spotting some sea turtles being “cleaned” by fish who nibble on the algae on their back.

@2012 Susan Edel

2. Visit Kikaua Point Park.

If Kikaua Point Park doesn’t evoke the image of paradise for you, then you might as well pack it up and head home. The soft, white sand beach against the black lava rock, the crystal clear blue water as well as the beautiful dancing trees are a stunning sight.

3. Take a Helicopter Ride.

Many suppliers offer helicopter rides on the island. You can catch a ride from both the Kona and Hilo side of the island, depending on what location is closer to where you are staying. There are several different scenic routes offered but the most popular routes are to the volcano and waterfalls.

@2012 Susan Edel

Word of warning, although this is an expensive adventure, it is not unusual for these companies to be booked out days in advance so be sure to make reservations beforehand. I had not made previous reservations and unfortunately missed out on this great experience.

4. Revel and Appreciate a Stunning Sunset.

Be sure to take at least one night (if not all) to sit still and relax with a drink in hand to witness and truly appreciate the beauty of a Hawaiian sunset.

@2012 Susan Edel

5. Do a Nightime Snorkel with the Manta Rays.

This is another very popular adventure where, one of many tour companies, can take you to do a nighttime snorkel with Manta Rays. The guides who take you will light up the water so you can see the Manta Rays swim up to you. As with the helicopters, this is a very popular adventure so be sure to make reservations days in advance to secure your spot.

6. Be Sure to See a White, Green and Black Sand Beach.

Kona is famous not only for their white sand beaches but also for their black sand beaches which derive their color from the surrounding lava rocks that are so prevalent in this area. Kona also is home to one of the rare green sand beaches which is rich in olivine also known as peridot when of gem quality.

@2012 Susan Edel
@2012 Susan Edel
@2012 Susan Edel

7. Make a Pit-Stop at Punalu’u Bake Shop.

If you are on the south side of the island as your tummy starts to grumble, or even if it’s not, be sure to stop at the Punalu’u Bake Shop and get yourself a sandwich made with their famous sweet bread. I guarantee you, you won’t be able to resist picking up a sweet somethin’-somethin’ for dessert either.

@2012 Susan Edel

FYI, be prepared to share your meal. 🙂

@2012 Susan Edel

8. Visit an Active Volcano at Kilauea.

Well, you just don’t go to the Big Island and not see an active volcano. Kīlauea means “spewing” or “much spreading” in the Hawaiian language, referring to its frequent outpouring of lava. This volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983. We witnessed it from the state park visitor’s area which only allowed us to see the smoke billowing out, but other options are to take a helicopter ride to see it from above or to hike in and get closer to the lava flow.

@2012 Susan Edel
@2012 Susan Edel

9. Visit the Botanical Gardens and North Coast of the Island.

Unfortunately for us, driving around the island was a longer excursion than we planned (and I suppose we got side-tracked too many times which is easy to do) but a visit to the north side of the island was highly recommended. We were told that botanical gardens, The Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden is in Captain Cook and waterfalls were definitely something worth seeing. Another activity suggested by many was horseback riding. I guess this just gives me a good reason to go back!

@2012 Susan Edel

10. Bring Home Donkey Balls!

We all like to bring home gifts that are indigenous to the location, and although the Big Island’s Kona coffee and macadamia nuts are great, let’s face it ~ a little over done. Bring home a little humor and some Donkey Balls as a different treat. This is the best of all world’s as these are yummy chocolate covered macadamia nuts with 100% Kona coffee…BAM! You cannot find these just anywhere, you have to go to a Donkey Ball Factory Outlet so be sure to find out where one is located near you.

So there you have it. These are my recommendations for some fun activities while on the Big Island of Hawaii. Aloha and Mahalo!

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  1. Hello excellent photos .after spending one year in the Swiss alps I am on the way again .this time short trip only two years from South Pole to North Pole ,see u soon

  2. Hello .excellent photos and place .after spending one year in Swiss alps I am on the way again ,this time short trip only two years from South Pole to North Pole ,see u soon Jacek

  3. I was there when I was 10; I remember especially the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and horseback riding on Mauna Loa, also the smell of sulfur at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. I’m sure it’s changed a lot in 40 years and become much more developed.

    1. Sounds like you had some fond memories Priscilla with your vivid recollection. This island actually still has a very authentic feel to it which I like.

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