Ride The Vines In Style | Paso Robles, CA

Did someone say “Let’s go wine tasting?”. Yes, please!

Wine tasting has become a popular pastime throughout California, as well as many other states with growing wine regions. With hundreds of wineries in any given region, businesses have become savvy in finding ways to attract visitors with such enticements as serene vacation rentals set among their rolling vineyards, delicious edibles, and of course, award-winning wines.

To elevate the experience, many people choose to hire a limousine service to shuttle them between the different wineries. A fantastic idea, but what if your experience could be taken to the next level? What if you could enjoy a chauffeured ride that is a more immersive and intimate experience? An experience that awakens your senses, kicks your adrenaline into gear, and provides the most unique way to see the scenic landscape?

Welcome to Sidecar Tours Inc. Sidecar Tours has transformed the standard motorcycle sidecar to accommodate two passengers and now has the world’s first and only fleet of tandem sidecars. And I can tell you from personal experience, that this is an exhilarating way to visit the wineries.

Each sidecar is assigned an experienced and knowledgeable driver, and the tandem sidecar is remarkably comfortable for two passengers. The Sidecar Tour includes a 2-1/2 hour motorcycle adventure visiting 3 wineries with free wine tasting included at each winery. Each stop allows for approximately 45 minutes to explore the grounds and wine taste. All tours are customizable to accommodate your specific requests for the ultimate experience (additional fee may apply). Tip: Check Groupon for discounts on the tours.

So, you say you’re not a wine lover, no problem…Sidecar Tours Inc. offers several different tours ranging from breweries, food, scenic and specialty cocktails to name a few. They currently have locations in the most popular wine regions throughout California and some in the Washington and Oregon wine regions (see here for more info).

My experience took place in the Paso Robles wine region and was such a unique adventure and a fun way to see the countryside. So get your adventure on and ride the vines in style…because you were born to be wild!

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