Monterey, CA: Whale Watching

Sailors enjoying the day.

Spring in California is an incredible time to go on a whale watching excursion. The whales are still migrating at this time which makes for an active outing.

It’s a misconception that if you don’t go at a certain time of year you won’t see a whale. As a matter of fact, the company I usually use for whale watching, Sanctuary Cruises, guarantees you will see one any day of the year or your next trip is free. I can attest that I have gone at different times of the year and have seen whales each time. It’s the type of whale you see that will vary during the year.

Sanctuary Cruises heads out from Moss Landing in the Monterey Bay Area, CA. This boat is a smaller vessel than what some of the other tours use which allows you a closer, more intimate view of the animals and enhanced experience.

The boat takes off from the Moss Landing Harbor.

The greeting committees…


This area is great for kayakers, one side is the Elkhorn Slough Reserve where you can see sea otters, tiger sharks, birds and so much more; or you can be a little more adventurous and head out for some ocean paddling where you will see otters, sea lions, dolphins and whales (yes they do come in close to the shore line at times).

It doesn’t take long once you’re out of the harbor to start spotting whales…

…and pods of dolphins.

This has been an amazing experience every time I have gone out and I highly recommend it any time of year.

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  1. My husband and I made a quick side trip to Carmel last weekend (after an equally quick trip to San Fran.) Monterey will have to be next time, something to look forward to, especially after your beautiful post!

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