Ride The Vines In Style | Paso Robles, CA

Did someone say “Let’s go wine tasting?”. Yes, please!

Wine tasting has become a popular pastime throughout California, as well as many other states with growing wine regions. With hundreds of wineries in any given region, businesses have become savvy in finding ways to attract visitors with such enticements as serene vacation rentals set among their rolling vineyards, delicious edibles, and of course, award-winning wines.

To elevate the experience, many people choose to hire a limousine service to shuttle them between the different wineries. A fantastic idea, but what if your experience could be taken to the next level? What if you could enjoy a chauffeured ride that is a more immersive and intimate experience? An experience that awakens your senses, kicks your adrenaline into gear, and provides the most unique way to see the scenic landscape?

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The Neon Boneyard | Las Vegas, NV

There is something so exciting and glamorous to me about Las Vegas in the 1950’s and 60’s. The glitz and glamour of the fancy hotels, the celebrities that would party there and even the stories of mobster activities intrigue me. So when I had the opportunity to set up a photoshoot at the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, I didn’t hesitate.

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The Quaint Charm of San Juan Bautista

Located just an hour south of bustling Silicon Valley, CA is the quaint city of San Juan Bautista. This charming little town has managed to maintain its humble origins and has respectfully preserved its history and authenticity.

You won’t find trendy stores and Michelin Star restaurants but you will find a town steeped in history, filled with heart and reflective of the people who live here. Small antique stores, art galleries, gift shops along with a few restaurants line the half~mile long main strip of town.

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Exploring The Russian River Valley

Napa Valley and Sonoma are world-renowned for its wines, fine restaurants and luxury accommodations. A person could spend weeks and weeks exploring this region and only scratch the surface. So with as many times as I have been to the Napa Valley wine region, it was refreshing to discover yet another sector that I have never visited…the Russian River Valley.

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17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach

@2015 Susan Edel

In my opinion, I think everyone should take at least one trip to Pebble Beach in their lifetime, it’s the most gorgeous place on earth! Pebble Beach is a gated community on the central coast of California with a rugged, rocky shoreline highlighted by white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters. It’s a beautiful sight.

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Monterey, CA: Whale Watching

Sailors enjoying the day.

Spring in California is an incredible time to go on a whale watching excursion. The whales are still migrating at this time which makes for an active outing.

It’s a misconception that if you don’t go at a certain time of year you won’t see a whale. As a matter of fact, the company I usually use for whale watching, Sanctuary Cruises, guarantees you will see one any day of the year or your next trip is free. I can attest that I have gone at different times of the year and have seen whales each time. It’s the type of whale you see that will vary during the year.

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