Pioneer Village | Yosemite, CA

The next time you find yourself near the Wawona Hotel in Yosemite, take a moment to seek out the little hidden gem tucked in the nearby woods ~ Pioneer Village.

This quaint area was created from structures that were located throughout the park over different eras and they were moved together to create this history center to honor the past. The grounds are gorgeous and the structures are beautifully preserved.

Enjoy a quick winter stroll through Pioneer Village.

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15 thoughts on “Pioneer Village | Yosemite, CA

  1. Beautiful pictures of a wonderful place! It brought back memories when we visited almost 10 years ago. My kids loved exploring the area – sitting on those log seats (in the summer) and walking through the covered bridge. My cousin is a ranger at Yosemite and he has helped to repair/restore that bridge.

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