The Nines | Portland, Oregon

Every once in a while serendipity happens ~ a fortunate happenstance where everything aligns perfectly and you find yourself right in the midst of it. It’s such an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

I feel like this happened to me on my visit to The Nines hotel in Portland, Oregon. In all honesty, I just needed a place to stay for a night before catching a flight home, but of course, I always take the opportunity to inspect hotels in the area.

In doing my research, The Nines definitely caught my attention so I booked my stay there with no real expectations, but from the website I knew I would be in for something a little different.

The only way I can describe this hotel is to say that it is an eclectic infusion of Renaissance Glamour…

meets Contemporary

meets Urban Chic…

meets Breakfast at Tiffany’s…

meets funky flair!

And the answer is yes, all of the above is the same hotel!

DSC_1094The reason I call this a serendipitous experience is because everything on this very short visit fell into place perfectly.

It had probably been about 15 years since I had last visited Portland, and I ‘m not sure if I stayed in another part of town but I certainly don’t remember Portland being as active and vibrant as it was on this last visit. It was very reminiscent to me of San Francisco.

The Nines hotel is located in the heart of downtown Portland next Pioneer Square and within walking distance to the large department stores as well as boutique shops, trendy restaurants, and cultural attractions.

From the moment I arrived at the hotel, it was apparent there was an enthusiastic buzz in the air. The lobby was active and everyone seemed to be in a jovial mood. I quickly learned that the iconic pop star, Madonna, was in town for a concert that evening. I never heard if Madonna was staying at The Nines, but it certainly seemed as though some of her entourage was, as there were several people with make-up cases and large luggage lingering about. The chatter throughout the hotel was all about the concert and it created a fun atmosphere.

Another pleasant surprise was being upgraded to the one-bedroom swanky, Tiffany-inspired suite.

I’m usually more of a minimalist when it comes to design, but I have to say it felt quite indulgent opening my suite door to the living room with a velvet settee in brilliant robin egg blue and matching damask patterned chairs adorned by a dripping crystal light fixture. The decadence continued into the large separate bedroom with another sitting area and large bathroom. The suite, located on the 12th floor, offers amazing downtown city views and is a gorgeous sight at night. It felt like sheer elegance from a bygone era.

The room also came with exclusive access to the Club Lounge, featuring a daily breakfast, evening hors d’oeuvres and a dessert buffet. This is always a fun perk and I made it a point to hit the lounge to enjoy the delightful appetizers {that could easily serve as a meal} and came back for the grand array of delicious desserts later in the evening. My favorite part was meeting a WWII vet who shared some of his fascinating stories throughout the evening.

Evening view from the suite.

I headed out for a walk around town and to do a little window shopping while enjoying the perfect fall weather. When the dinner hour rolled around, I debated about going to some of the trendy establishments nearby but in the end decided to head back to The Nines to enjoy the rooftop bar and restaurant, Departure…where another serendipitous moment awaited me.

Departure’s rooftop bar and restaurant is a hot spot in the city with prime views of downtown Portland and beyond. The bar’s outdoor deck seems to be an attraction for guests and locals to gather for a drink while enjoying good conversation and the views.

The restaurant serves Asian cuisine in a sleek, cosmopolitan setting with both indoor and outdoor seating and features the largest saké list in Portland. I sat at the corner edge of the outdoor deck for dinner which offered incredible views, but my biggest surprise was looking up at one point and seeing a full double rainbow {the picture doesn’t begin to do it justice}. Everyone on the deck walked over to the edge snapping their smartphone cameras and I have no doubt social media in the Portland area must have spiked through the roof.


View of the sky from the other direction.


The hotel also has another restaurant located on the lobby level call the Urban Farmer open for breakfast, lunch and dinner that looked very enticing as well.

All I can say is that in less than a 24-hour period, I feel like I experienced a plethora of unique moments that have now created lifelong memories for me.

Maybe it was the hotel’s multiple personality or downtown Portland’s vibrant city, or simply the serendipitous intervention of all of the above, but my short time here was quite impactful and I look forward to returning for more!