Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! A wonderful day to celebrate our Independence and take a moment to be grateful for our freedoms. Thank you to all the men and women who defend these freedoms.

I seem to have a love affair with the American Flag, so here’s a little tribute with a collage of a few images from my travels throughout the United States. Enjoy your day!



The Charters of Our Freedom

Washington DC #1 194

For all of us Americans, tomorrow is Independence Day, aka, the Fourth of July ~ a national holiday celebrating the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

We have come to celebrate this day by displaying our pride in showcasing our American flags in the front yard, oohing and awing at an amazing fireworks show, sizzling hot dogs and hamburgers on the BBQ, watching children running around with glowing sparklers and donning our red, white and blue in every which way possible. A fun and patriotic day without a doubt!

So this is where I would normally post a picture of an American flag waving in the wind or some beautiful image of fireworks bursting in air but having visited our Nation’s Capital this last fall, and being reminded of our Founding Father’s contributions toward our freedoms, I thought I would take a different route this year.

Washington DC #1 156

One of my sight-seeing pitstops while in Washington, DC was the National Archives and Records Admnistration building. Not only is the exterior of this building a stunning example of neoclassical architecture but it happens to house almost every priceless document imaginable throughout our Nation’s history.

When visiting this building, first ~  be ready to submit yourself to a full-scale security check before entering; secondly ~ be prepared to feel as though you are on the set for a James Bond movie where, should any security breach be met, steel doors will slam shut and retracting bullet-proof glass display cases will sink into underground titanium shafts; and thirdly ~ be emotionally ready to be in awe of the original documents your eyes will feast on such as…

The Declaration of Independence

Courtesy of http://www.archives.gov

The Constitution

Courtesy of http://www.archives.gov

The Bill of Rights

Courtesy of http://www.archives.gov


The images above are of the original documents, which are unbelievably still in existence. The significance of these documents is astounding as they are the foundation of what we are built on as a Nation.

The fact that you can still make out the signatures of such men as John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson is mind-blowing and I salute the men and women who are not only currently still fighting for our freedoms but also the ones who are dedicated to preserving our history.

Since there are strict restrictions on what you can photograph inside this building, I thought I would share some images of the stunning exterior architecture.

@2013 Susan Edel@2013 Susan Edel@2013 Susan Edel



So having honored the meaning of Independence Day, I’m off to BBQ and Oakland A’s baseball game with a fireworks show tonight, donning my best Red, White and Blue with my flag proudly flying in front of my house!