Gettin’ My Cowgirl On!


Going to well-known, familiar places is always fun but I get a rush each time I book a new destination and resort where I have never been before…and I’m really excited about the trip I just booked at the Gateway Canyons Resort in Colorado.


I have always heard how beautiful Colorado is and from what I’m seeing of the landscape at Gateway Canyons, I think I’m in for an incredible experience.

I am excited about gettin’ my cowgirl on and touring the amazing red-rock landscape on horseback…

Maybe taking in the view from above…


…tackling the terrane on an ATV…


…and maybe even trying my hand at fly-fishing…hey, I might!


And I know there will be lots of R&R…


So stayed tuned for my cowgirl adventures and a full report on what I hope will be an amazing time at Gateway Canyons in Colorado.

All images are property of Gateway Canyons.