Four Seasons Las Vegas | Las Vegas, NV

Planning a trip to Las Vegas always promises to be a fun endeavor prompting so many decisions…what shows can I see? who has the hottest restaurant? where’s my sequined dress? and where will I stay?

When I go to Las Vegas, I know I’m in for some high-energy fun and excitement, crowds of people, and all the intensity the strip has to offer. However, after an evening out in Sin City, I want to retreat to a peaceful and serene environment where I can relax and regain my sanity. For one of many reasons, this is why I chose to stay at a “non-gaming” hotel {hotels that do not have casinos} while in Las Vegas.

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Sightseeing: Las Vegas, NV

Remember the days when Las Vegas was all glitz and glamour? The Rat Pack, Marilyn, the Mob…and all those great neon signs luring you into sin city. The Rat Pack, Marilyn and the Mob might be long gone, but those neon signs live on!

If you’re in the Las Vegas area and you feel like taking a break from the ringing bells and crowds, a fun excursion is a trip over to the Neon Museum Boneyard. The Neon Boneyard is an outdoor collection, a graveyard according to some, of the original landmark neon signs that used to grace the strip in its hay-day. The museum has refurbished a few of the signs and they once again stand tall and are displayed around the Vegas strip. The museum provides tours and it’s a fun stroll through the boneyard to explore these vintage signs and how they relate to the history of Las Vegas.