Washington | Seattle: Seaplane Ride

Sometimes it’s nice to get a different perspective on the city you’re visiting. It’s for that reason, that I chose to take a seaplane ride around Seattle. The concierge of my hotel, the Four Seasons (see post), arranged a city tour flight for me on Kenmore Air. Being February, the weather wasn’t ideal but it was good enough to still fly. Many of the tours get cancelled due to weather conditions, as did the flights right after mine.

I opted for the shorter city tour but you can arrange to tour or be dropped off at the San Juan Islands as well. The plane I was on held 5 passengers and the pilot comfortably. My only slight disappointment was that the tour was a recorded voice you listened to through headphones describing what you were seeing. It would have been nice to be able to interact with the pilot and ask questions along the way but it was still an informative and fun flight. Had it been the summer months, I would have gone to the San Juan Islands for the day (or a couple).

This was a fun and different excursion and a way to see the city from a different vantage point. Here are some images from my flight.

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