A Sneak Peek at Gateway Canyons Resort

I thought I would give you all a quick sneak peek of an extraordinary resort I recently stayed at called Gateway Canyons located in Gateway, Colorado. This resort is the vision of John Hendricks, the founder of Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel). John has managed to create a rich man’s playground in the middle of what looks like God country with stunning landscape, a luxury resort, an adventure center, car museum, driving school, on-sight helicopter, curiosity seminars and so much more.

I will be posting a full resort write-up with specific details on all of the above very soon but here is a little tease of what you’ll see.

The accommodations…

The activities…

The spa and pool…

And so much more! Stay tuned!!


  1. Hi Susan, how are you?! Gateway look fabulous…great photographs of the resort, love the cows in the road. Take care!!

    • Hi Elisa, doing well, thanks. Hope you are too. Gateway was fabulous. The cows in the road were such a treat to see! I loved it. Fun getaway ~ I highly recommend it. Take care.

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