Coarsegold, CA | Tarantula Festival


A Tarantula Festival? Yes, really! Who knew?!

There’s nothing I love more than serendipitously running across something different and fun. During my visit to Oakhurst this past weekend, I came across this cute town called Coarsegold. Situated in the California Gold Country foothills among the mighty oak trees, this tiny town has maintained its California Gold Country roots and feels like a step back in time.

@2014 Susan Edel

Many old structures still stand…

…and there are several antique stores to rummage through.

Apparently, this town is also known for its Tarantula population. October and November are mating season here..and what better way to celebrate, than to have a festival!

@2014 Susan Edel

The residents gather together for Tarantula races…

@2014 Susan Edel

…to sell their crafts…

(Sweet timing when some bikers rode by as I was taking a picture of this jacket)

@2014 Susan Edel

…and enjoy the festivities.

This was a nice treat to stumble upon!

@2014 Susan Edel

Happy Halloween!

@2014 Susan Edel

4 thoughts on “Coarsegold, CA | Tarantula Festival

  1. Not a fan of tarantulas but the festival looks like a ton of fun! Love all your images. So many quaint and wonderful sights. Super awesome timing on the jacket with the bikers behind it. 🙂

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