Safari by Geoffrey Kent

Move over Jonathan Goldsmith, Geoffrey Kent may have just dethroned you as the most interesting man in the world (or more likely is the inspiration behind the Dos Equis character).

kentGeoffrey Kent, founder of Abercrombie & Kent ~ the premier luxury adventure travel company, has released his first memoir, Safari.

Geoffrey’s stories read like an Indiana Jones/Ernest Hemingway meets debonair James Bond meets Out of Africa manuscript. Queue opening scene in Kenya with Geoffrey at 16 years of age being the first individual to ride his motorcycle alone across the continent of Africa inspiring his sense of adventure to become the pioneer in luxury adventure travel. Include a supporting cast of characters such as Royal Families, Hollywood Elite, World Leaders and you have an inspirational and exciting storyline.

The stories are captivating and it’s hard to believe that this is not some fictional Hollywood character. What took me by surprise though, is Geoffrey Kent’s amazing instincts and entrepreneurial spirit. His ability to visualize unforeseeable opportunities is astounding. This is a great read for anyone seeking fascinating travel stories and the individual who is interested in entrepreneurial inspiration.

This book will inspire you to get off your tush and explore the world. I can almost hear Mr. Kent now “Stay thirsty my friends.”

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