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Susan Edel
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Ok, ok…that might be the closest I ever get to a Hollywood script but Mendocino certainly is no stranger to the limelight of Hollywood. Many movies have been filmed in and around this charming town such as The Karate Kid, Overboard, Dying YoungSummer of ’42 and so many more, with the iconic movie filmed here being East of Eden starring James Dean.

@2014 Susan Edel

This sleepy little town in Northern California hasn’t changed much in…oh…150 years or so but it garners a lot of attention for its white picket fences and gingerbread trim charm.

Many of the businesses operate out of the original buildings, circa 1850’s. Replace the cars with horse and buggies and you would be immediately transported in time.

With numerous water towers still standing tall in town, in many ways it feels like the town that time forgot…

…with a slight touch of sophistication emerging from the San Francisco Bay Area. When in town, treat yourself to lunch or dinner at Trillium Cafe serving locally grown, organic California cuisine.

Add this charming town to your list, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and let’s not forget the stunning ocean view.

@2014 Susan Edel
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